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Prevent tooth wear - So that your teeth do not wear out

Do you often bite through?

Then we should take a closer look at your teeth. Strong grinding is only one reason for the wear and tear of tooth substance. In our private practice we protect your teeth from harmful influences and the painful consequences.

This helps against tooth wear:

  • Change of diet
  • Change in dental care
  • discontinuation or change of medication
  • Treatment of stomach diseases
  • Fluoridations
  • Sealing with plastics
  • Plastic fillings
  • Construction of teeth with inlays, partial crowns, crowns or ceramic veneers
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Incorrect brushing and constant grinding of teeth can damage them

Many patients take optimum care of their dentition and brush their teeth up to three times a day. This prevents the formation of a biofilm and the development of bacterial caries. Disadvantage of this intensive care: the enamel is rubbed off.

The necks of the teeth are particularly affected – the transition from enamel to the root of the tooth. The grooves at these points can become very deep and lead to sensitive teeth and toothache (wedge-shaped defects).

The right brush is gentle to your tooth

In this case, it makes sense to change the cleaning technique and reduce the cleaning frequency. The choice of the right toothbrush is also important. The bristles should be soft. Also the change to a sonic toothbrush is often useful.

Our prophylaxis professionals will advise you individually so that you can find the right toothbrush.

Teeth grinding as a cause for abrasion

The enamel also suffers from constant teeth grinding (bruxism). In some cases, the affected persons rub their teeth together with ten times the normal chewing pressure.

Through regular rubbing of the teeth, they become worn down over the years. This abrasion can lead to sensitivity and even toothache.

Acidic foods soften the enamel

Another reason for tooth damage can be a diet that contains too much sugar. The sugar itself is not the problem. Rather, the acid damages the teeth when it is produced as a metabolic product of the bacteria.

Excessive stress, a general overacidification, but also bulimia or gastroesophageal reflux (backflow of stomach contents into the esophagus), for example, can be responsible for the erosion of tooth substance.

In these cases, only medical nutritional advice can help. Together we will develop a strategy to slow down or prevent these erosions.

The following factors influence the risk of erosions and should be considered:

  • Eating and drinking habits
  • The quality of the tooth structure (enamel, dentin, root cement)
  • Spoke properties such as quantity, composition, buffer capacity, pellicle formation, etc.
  • The taking of medication
  • Problems with the stomach like belching, anorexia or bulimia
  • Additional mechanical stress caused by toothbrush, denture clasps, grinding of the teeth, etc.
    Dental care habits (frequency, toothpaste, rinsing solutions, etc.)