Dr. med. dent. Alexandra Kares-Vrincianu, BChD

2005 German-French Abitur in Saarbrücken
2009 Voluntary work in Zanzibar for “Work the World
2011 State Examination University of Leeds/Great Britain as best in class
2011-2012 Assistant Dentist in the National Health Service (NHS) for one year in Huddersfield/GB
2012-2013 Assistant dentist practice Dr. Kares
2013-now: Employee dentist practice Dr. Kares
2014 NLP-Practioner Diploma (Neurolinguistic Programming)
2014 Member of the German Society of Dental Medicine (DGZS)
2015 Certificate of Training in TMD/Orofacial Pain, New Jersey, USA (Prof. Heir)
2017 Doctorate as “Dr. med. dent.” at the University of Heidelberg/Prof. Dr. Schmitter – Topic: Sleep-related aspects in patients with CMD
2017 Main focus of activity CMD/Orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine(Zahnärztekammer des Saarlandes)

Dr. (F) Horst Kares

1977 German-French Abitur in Saarbrücken
1984 Docteur en Chirurgie Dentaire Université Nancy/Metz – Topic: Le facteur psychique dans l’étiologie et le traitement der parodontopathies
1984 Medical officer in the German Armed Forces
1985 Panel practice in Saarbrücken
1992 Diploma of the International Society for Electroactupuncture after Voll
1993 Master Course TMD Dr. Jankelson-Seattle, USA
1994 Private practice in joint practice with Dr. Dirk Leiner
1995 Qualified member of the “International Society for Holistic Dentistry
1997 1 week TMD-Training Los Angeles, Newport Beach Dr. Garry, Dr. Halstrom
1997 Founding member of the Saarbrücken Quality Circle for Sleep Medicine
2001 Mastership International College of Craniomandibular Disorders (ICCMO)
2003 Certified member of the German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (DGZS)
2005 Main focus of activity functional diagnostics and pain therapy (Saarland Chamber of Dentists)
2006 Certificate of Training in Orofacial Pain, University of Medecine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA (Prof. Pertes)
2007 Certificate of Training in TMD/Orofacial Pain, Tufts University of Boston, USA (Prof. Metha)
2007 Main focus of activity: Dental sleep medicine (Saarland Chamber of Dentists)
2008 Founding member and head of Saarbrücken Quality Circle CMD/Orofacial Pain
2009 DGFDT conference award for the best practical contribution
2010 Appointment as specialist of the German Society for Functional Diagnostics and Therapy (DGFDT)
2011 Certificate of Training in TMD/Orofacial Pain, Lexington KY, University of Dentistry, USA (Prof. Okeson)
2014 Certificate of Training in TMD/Orofacial Pain, New Jersey, USA (Prof. Heir)
2015 Member of American Academy of Dental Sleep Medecine (AADSM)
2016 Election as deputy speaker of the working group Mouth and Face Pain of the German Society for the Study of Pain (DGSS)
2016 Representative of the German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine at the S3 Guidelines Group Bruxism under the auspices of the DGZMK
2017 Diplomats American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP)
2017 Accredited Member of European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM)
2018 Fellow American Association of Orofacial Pain (AAOP)
2018 Certification “Training center for the training of specialists for functional diagnostics and therapy of the DGFDT”.
2020 Coordinator AWMF S1 Guideline “The Mandibular Protrusion Splint (UPS): Application in adult dental sleep medicine.

Letzte Änderung: 9. September 2020