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The holistic view of the patient in his social environment is our practice philosophy. Through intensive diagnostics, consultation and education we want to recognize the needs and wishes of our patients and implement them therapeutically based on clinical experience and scientific evidence. In doing so, we want to achieve a gentle and dentist/dental quality care of our patients.

The prevention of illnesses in the tooth, mouth and jaw area (prophylaxis) for young and old is the basis of our dental activity according to the oral health goals of the Federal Government. In particular, we want to positively influence undesirable developments of the jaws, face, speech and breathing with early measures.

One focus of our practice is the differential diagnostic assessment and treatment of patients with headaches, jaw and facial pain in an interdisciplinary network.

Another focus is the dental care of patients with sleep-related respiratory disorders, such as snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, in cooperation with sleep physicians from various fields.

Due to the increasing frequency of diseases of the gums and the periodontium, we attach great importance to the early detection and treatment of periodontitis in our prophylaxis team in cooperation with external specialists.

Our employees should feel comfortable and enjoy their work. Through intensive communication with each other and further training, we want to continuously improve the teamwork. We constantly work on our quality (ZQMS certified) to maintain and improve patient safety, our services and safety at work.

By continuously increasing the attractiveness and efficiency of our practice we want to achieve the following: Job security and sufficient profit to make necessary investments in the practice and to regularly increase salaries.