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Root canal treatment in Sankt Ingbert bei Saarbrücken - Endodontics saves teeth

Do you have strong throbbing toothache, a violent pulling and discomfort when you touch the tooth?

You should take these alarm signals of the body seriously. Probably the nerve has become inflamed. Now the only thing that helps is a root canal treatment. In most cases, the tooth recovers and remains intact. However, it needs professional help as soon as possible.

Pay attention to these symptoms:

  • throbbing toothache
  • Particular sensitivity to heat and cold
  • radiant toothache
  • swollen oral mucosa
  • strong pain when biting together
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With the right root canal treatment the chances for your tooth are good

While in the past, toothaches were always treated by removing the tooth, nowadays we can avoid this in most cases. In 9 out of 10 cases we get a tooth with the help of root canal treatment.

The earlier you come to our practice in Sankt Ingbert bei Saarbrücken, the better the chances of tooth preservation!
Precise to the tips: microscopic endodontics

Root canal treatment is one of the most complicated procedures in dentistry. Often millimeters decide on the success of the treatment. In order for the tooth to recover, we must thoroughly clean all inflamed areas. We leave nothing to chance and therefore use special aids.

Magnifying glasses, intraoral camera and surgical microscope significantly improve the chances of success.

This is how the root canal treatment on a tooth works

Here is a description of the process of a root canal treatment:

    • Anaesthesia: Before the root canal treatment we anaesthetize the area. During the procedure you will usually feel no more than a slight pressure on the affected tooth.
    • Isolation: With the help of a rubber dam, we isolate the tooth and thus prevent bacteria from entering the oral cavity.
    • Exposure of the canals: Then the dentist prepares an access to the dental nerve (pulp), looks for the canals and exposes them.
    • Cleaning: The tooth nerve or tissue remains are removed with special canal instruments (files).

And after endodontics? No risk for your health!

In some cases, root-filled teeth represent interference fields for the entire organism and therefore have to be specially treated or even removed. Whether and how these teeth damage the body is something that alternative medicine methods try to determine. Our colleague Dr. med. dent. Dirk Leiner is at your side as an experienced expert.

During regular check-ups and prophylaxis, we quickly determine if your tooth is suffering unnoticed. Then we help you in time and prevent health risks.

  • Length measurement: The length of the root canals is determined by electronic measuring methods or x-rays.
  • Disinfection: Final widening, cleaning and disinfection of the canals with special liquids.
  • Root canal filling: Finally, the canals are filled with gutta-percha and a binding agent and a control X-ray is taken. The final root canal filling is then made after 1-2 weeks.