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Professional Dental Cleaning

Dental plaque exists after 1-2 days in every mouth. This biofilm contains billions of microorganisms which developp a active metabolism. It uses the sugars and produce acids which leads to caries lesions. They also produce toxins which distroyes the gums and the bone so that gingivitis and parodontitis can develop.

It is very difficult to clean perfectly the interdental space so it is usefull to procede to a professional cleaning session with specialised staff. They show you also tools to clean you teeth like dental floss, brushes, tongue cleaner. Professional toot cleaning should be done every 3-12 month, depend on the risk group of the patient.

Dental cleaning by a professional - That is why it is important

After 1-2 days, plaque forms on the teeth in every mouth – the so-called plaque. This biofilm consists of billions of microorganisms that feed on carbohydrates. The metabolism produces acids.

  • The acids roughen the enamel and increase the risk of caries
  • If the bacteria are not removed, inflammation (gingivitis) develops
  • In the long term, bone resorption is threatened by periodontitis

During daily dental care we remove only a fraction of these bacteria. The rest hides in niches and continues to damage the teeth. Therefore we have to remove plaque completely on a regular basis. Only professional dental cleaning can do this.
Procedure of professional dental cleaning in our practice

The task of specialized professionals is to detect this hidden biofilm and remove it with ultrasound, hand instruments, brushes, dental floss and other tools (professional dental cleaning).

Professional tooth cleaning is particularly useful in cases of gum inflammation and periodontitis or periodontosis. Depending on individual conditions, it should be carried out every 3-12 months.

This is part of professional dental cleaning:

  • removing soft and hard plaque
  • Clean interdental spaces
  • Polishing the tooth surface
  • Apply fluoride varnish
  • Tips for optimal oral care

Professional dental cleaning: also useful for older patients

Especially with older patients, regular professional cleaning of the teeth is essential. Due to receding gums the teeth become longer and longer and the attack surfaces for bacteria increase. At an advanced age, motor skills also decline, making dental care increasingly difficult.

The PZR supports the prevention of inflammation

Due to chronic diseases and medication, the metabolism of seniors often changes. The risk of inflammation and caries increases.

Professional dental cleaning is useful to prevent these diseases. In addition, many have a pronounced vitamin D deficiency, which is proven to promote periodontitis. A quick determination of this value during the prophylaxis session and an addition are very helpful in the periodontitis therapy.

Before and after: Professional dental cleaning shows success

The success of these preventive measures is also shown by the results of the current oral health study (DMS V).

In children and adults who have undergone PZR, caries and periodontitis have decreased by 30 to 80%.

However, as the population is getting older, the need for treatment of periodontitis in older people is constantly increasing. We support you with dental prophylaxis and professional dental cleaning.