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Curriculum CMD/Orofacial Pain

Dear colleague!

Have you had any patients in the last month whose jaw and facial pain did not want to disappear? Cases in which you did everything possible, but nothing helped?

Perhaps the pain persists because this was a case of non-odontogenic toothache? Odontalgia caused by other structures – e.g. muscles, sinuses, vessels or nerves – where an orthopaedic, ENT, rheumatological or neurological consultation would have been appropriate?

Or does the pain become chronic because sensitization processes were in progress, which were triggered by somatic factors such as hormones, repetitive stress at work or sleep disorders? Could insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea or a snoring bed partner have contributed significantly to this chronification? Could it be that an accident, a stressful emotional event or even a dental intervention was the trigger for the odyssey of these patients? Could it be that psychological factors such as anxiety, depressive disgruntlement, catastrophising or chronic stress were relevant to the maintenance of these complaints?

Unclear and chronic jaw and facial pain usually does not originate from occlusion or posture, but is the result of a complex interaction of many factors that need to be addressed diagnostically and therapeutically. Over three weekends you will have the opportunity to gain a scientifically sound overview of this topic. On the basis of “evidence-based medicine”, somatic and psychological procedures for the diagnosis and therapy of orofacial pain will be developed – embedded in a practicable practice concept. At the end of the training, a certificate confirms the learning performance for the main focus “function and pain”.

In 2018 our specialized practice was certified as a training center for the education of specialists in functional diagnostics and therapy of the DGFDT.

Here is the link to the curriculum in 2021!

We are looking forward to an exciting continuing education with you,

Horst Kares & Alexandra Kares-Vrincianu

Comments from students on the CMD/Orofacial Pain Curriculum 2015-2018

+ “The course has helped me as a beginner to better understand the complex topic of CMD through logical structure, very good didactics, informative scripts and the imparting of a fine feeling for the topic. Dentist Dennis Kreiser, Gladbeck.

+ “Many ideas, the latest scientific findings – professionally presented -, intensive practical exercises. Enormously important in daily practice and in dealing with patients. I felt comfortable, as always” Dentist Nicole Ertz, Neunkirchen

+ Pleasant learning atmosphere, effective learning by live patients, therefore good practicability in the own practice everyday life! “CMD learning” with Dr. Kares is absolutely recommendable” – course participant

+ ” Colleague Kares collects new knowledge himself from course to course. That way I always learn something new”. Dr. Joachim Buck, Oldenburg.

+ “The curriculum is so extensive that even if you come several times, you always learn something new. And that in a very pleasant, familiar atmosphere! Dr. Marc Mauch, Stuttgart

+ “Very practical course!” Dr. Wulf Kramer, Kirchberg

+ “A speaker with passion for the topic!” Dr. Herbert Hönel, Saarbrücken,

+ “To inspire with passion and knowledge instead of lecturing – that is your art. Many thanks! Dentist Jens Carsten Simon, Mackenbach, info(at)

+ “Very pleasant, familiar atmosphere, combined with high professional competence; extensive, printed script with CD; excellent practice orientation; I have been coming to these curricula every year for about 8 years and benefit greatly from the updates”, Dr. Horst Heinrich, Augsburg DrHorst-Heinrich(at)

+ “Outstandingly suitable for dentists who want to look beyond the boundaries of everyday dentistry, or are ready to do so. Ideally also for colleagues, who do not only want to be physicians and craftsmen but also want to dare a view into the future. Many thanks – I was allowed to take a lot with me”. Dr. Ulrich Kessler, Weinheim

+ “By participating in the curriculum I have gained insight into the topic of CMD/Orofacial Pain and learned that the topic of pain is a multifactorial event and that patients can be effectively helped with relatively simple measures. The quality of life of those affected will improve greatly by following relatively simple exercises”. Dr. Annette Beckert, Hülzweiler, dentist(at)

+ “Through the curriculum I have finally found “the red thread”, with whose help