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Fun at the dentist

First playful contact already at kindergarten age does not let the fear of the dentist arise at all. Parents should get their children used to visiting the dentist as early as possible and take them to their own examination appointments. In doing so, they lose their shyness of the unfamiliar environment and build up trust.

The first playful contacts on the dental chair become a great experience for the children. They are allowed to lift up the chair, play with the water and thus give free rein to their curiosity in a new environment. Of course, there is no painful treatment at the beginning. With temporary and gentle measures, it is usually possible to take dental care of the infant. It is important that the child always keeps control of the treatment process.

Various “events” such as magic tricks, magic wands, video or audio presentations and a toy drawer are intended to put the child in a positive mood and distract him or her from the treatment.