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Orthodontics in Sankt Ingbert bei Saarbrücken puts crooked teeth in the right light

Somehow you look different!

Sometimes it only takes small corrections to change big things. If you decide to have your teeth corrected in adulthood, you have many options today. With us you are in good hands when you finally want your teeth straight.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • modern procedures for effective tooth correction
  • close coordination with specialists from other areas
  • invisible correction of malpositioned teeth
  • transparent presentation of treatment costs
  • honest information about the chances and prospects of success
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Orthodontic treatment for adults

In orthodontics for adults, even simple measures can lead to a significant improvement in the aesthetic and functional situation.

The possibilities of orthodontics for adults:

  • invisible tooth correction with Invisalign splint
  • Mini dental implants for the correction of tooth misalignments
  • Orthodontics with subsequent dentures
  • Retention (securing) of tooth corrections

Tooth straightening / orthodontics for adults

In adults, small corrections of the tooth position can significantly improve the aesthetic situation.

A gap between the incisors is visually unfavorable

Fixed orthodontics with brackets

The result after 2 months

Orthodontic straightening of a displaced tooth

A displaced premolar

Orthodontic movement

Correctly positioned premolar

Result after one year

Fixed braces for late tooth correction

So-called brackets move the teeth in the desired direction until the tooth misalignment is corrected. They therefore put pressure on crooked teeth – in the truest sense of the word.

White ceramic brackets – due to their placement behind the teeth they are less visible

Ceramic brackets

Invisible orthodontics

For better aesthetics, the brackets can be glued on from behind:

We distinguish between fixed braces:

  • Metal brackets
    In this method we stick small plates on the tooth surface and connect them with a metal wire. This is the classical treatment in orthodontics.
  • Ceramic brackets
    Ceramic brackets are particularly aesthetic because the plates are made of almost invisible ceramic. Except for the metal wire that connects the plates, the braces are not noticeable.
  • Damon brackets
    These brackets work with a special sliding mechanism that accelerates the correction of teeth. The teeth can move more freely, which prevents unpleasant feelings of pressure and tension.
  • Lingual brackets
    Lingual brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth – where nobody notices them. We make the braces individually so that they fit perfectly when worn.

Twisted incisors

Invisible brackets


Optimal result

Invisible braces for adults

With transparent dental splints we correct malocclusions so inconspicuously that nobody can see it. Only those who look very closely will see that you are wearing a splint.

This can be corrected with Invisalign splints:

  • crooked teeth
  • teeth too close together
  • twisted teeth
  • too large gaps between teeth


The Invisalign splints are just as effective as fixed braces: The aligners move the teeth gently but effectively into the desired position. In most cases we need 14 pairs of splints for therapy. Each of these pairs is differently shaped and represents a treatment step on your way to a smile with straight teeth.