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Beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime

Dear seniors, dear relatives

due to improved preventive measures we can preserve more and more teeth in the course of our life. Full dentures in old age used to be the rule, nowadays they are more and more the exception. This is of great advantage for strong chewing, good digestion and the joy of eating.

However, with age our ability to keep these beautiful teeth clean changes for various reasons:

  1. Our dexterity decreases with increasing age
  2. The visual acuity becomes less
  3. Our immune system becomes weaker and thus the caries and periodontitis activity increases
  4. Various medications lead to a reduction of salivary flow and thus to a lower self-cleaning of the teeth
  5. The usual regular check-ups at the dentist with professional tooth cleaning are increasingly being omitted due to physical ailments

These reasons lead to unhygienic conditions in the oral cavity and to increased oral and general diseases, as has been scientifically proven. In particular, risk groups such as patients with diabetes or cardiovascular diseases can become ill more frequently due to an infection of the oral cavity and have a shorter life expectancy.

These risks can be effectively countered by regular “professional tooth cleaning” of teeth and dental prostheses in a retirement home or at home.

Within the framework of the prevention concept for retirement homes of the Saarland Dental Association, we have been offering the following services on site for many years, which are carried out by our trained specialist staff under dental supervision

  1. Lectures on the topic “Beautiful and healthy teeth in old age” for nursing staff, senior citizens and relatives.
  2. Regular training of the nursing staff on site.
  3. Regular professional dental cleaning of the oral cavity and dentures as well as oral hygiene training for the seniors.

CTA: If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Batrissi or Mrs. Knapp under the 0681/ 894018 in the practice Dr. Kares Email – praxis(at)